The Errors of Calvinism by Allen Linn

Allen And I Discuss the Flaws with Calvinism and try too eliminate the Flaws within our own Christian Faith Brethren.

Luther and Calvin did not write the bible. Follow the word of GOD through the Bible. Luther was a very great man but his teachings were incorrect due to the fact that he never broke away from Catholicism.

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~John Melina

The Bible Explained by Allen Linn

The Bible Explained by Allen Linn

Above is a link to a Video Blog that Allen Linn has decided to start doing in order too spread the WORD of GOD through Video which makes it easier for us to get out.


We will be publishing all his studies of over 50yrs that he has been compiling on Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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John Melina~

Testimony by Allen Linn

At age 17, Allen Linn planned to rob a church with 3 other gang members. The church was having an evangelistic service on Sunday night. They played poker in a room next to the sanctuary. After the offering was collected it was locked in a room off the sanctuary.

As the sermon was ending and the altar call was soon to be given the 3 other members went out the back door and went around to the room where the offering was kept, while Allen went into the sanctuary and sat in the back row. The plan was for the others to go and break into the offering room, Allen would sit with the congregation, and when the altar call was given he would get up and go forward with the others who were accepting the altar call, but would turn and leave to meet the others and take the money and be gone before the service ended.

But something unexpected happened. Allen only remembers hearing the words of the Pastor: “Christ died for you sins”. Though he had heard these words before, this time it was like the voice of God. He could hear God say to him, “If you do not receive My Son, you will forever be saying to Him that you don’t care that He suffered and died for you”.

While totally confused by what was happening, he knew that he could not do that. He went forward and gave his life to Christ. Then remembering the other guys he quickly went there and found them stuffing money in their pockets.

It was all he could do to get those angry guys to stop. After that when he met with any of his gang it was to tell them how Christ died for their sins.