Can A Christian Loose his/her Salvation in Christ? Once Saved always Saved?

Written by Allen Linn, spoken by John Melina. This is a very important question and Christians should know if they can go to Hell after accepting Jesus as Lord and as there true Savior.
Once Saved Always Saved? Is Eternal Security Biblical? Can a Christian Loose Eternal Salvation

~John Melina

The Bible Explained by Allen Linn

I John Melina am advertising a little bit from each chapter from My Great Uncle’s Book. The Bible explained.

This book was created to help non-believers find Christ and for advanced Believers get to know the Bible even better than they already do.

Pastors and Scholars have contacted Al, to ask him where he has gotten his knowledge and to thank him for his Wisdom that they did not even learn after years at seminary school.

Enjoy, I sure have and God Bless.


John Melina