The ancient myths of creation all begin with matter in some form or another, as do the so-called more sophisticated theories of evolution. They all begin with space, matter and time. Only the Bible begins with the First Cause: an Eternal, Almighty, Personal God. Only this can explain the intelligent design of creation with life and personality.

Biblical creation begins with God alone. He was the preexisting intelligence and power necessary to bring creation into being, operating from another dimension. God created everything out of nothing. He simply spoke the creation into existence.

The following is taken from my book THE BIBLE EXPLAINED.

The universe is clearly a place of thought and planning. Only persons can think and plan. If you find yourself in a room with a soda machine, you put your money in and the machine gives you a soda. We know that matter cannot think. A person who can think had to design that machine to obey a certain built-in response to the money being inserted.

Machines do not think; matter does not think. The stars and planets and other material bodies did not get together and decide which laws they would obey and operate under. A Great Designer did this. As a house is not built simply to look at, but walking through it, one realizes that it was built for people, so also the earth was created for people. As one scientist has said: “Its as though the universe knew we were coming.

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