There are many arguments against the theory of evolution but these are not well known because evolution is a protected philosophy. Certainly one of the biggest arguments against the theory of evolution is the fossil record, because if evolution did take place it would HAVE to be in the fossil record.

If evolution took place over millions of years from very simple species to more and more complex forms a very large number of intermediary stages would have arisen and this would show in the fossil record as Darwin knew, for this was crucial to his theory. If life evolved on earth the fossil record would begin with very simple life forms in the oldest rocks on the bottom layer. From there we would expect to find very small transitions from simple to more complex life forms.

It would be one continual record of gradually changing creatures. They would all have distinct features of two different kinds of creatures, the one they are now and the one they were evolving into and these would be constantly changing. There would be no definite gaps in the record between species as there are now. In fact there would be no definite species but all would be evolving into other species.

Imagine marine invertebrates evolving into fish and then evolving into amphibians which evolved into reptiles which evolved into apes which evolved into man. And yet marine invertebrate, fish, amphibians and reptiles and apes are still living with mankind.

Darwin was troubled by the lack of intermediate links connecting one species to another in the fossil record and wrote:

“Intermediate links? Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely graduated organic change. And this is perhaps the most obvious and serious objection which can be urged against the theory”.

He later wrote:

“The number of intermediate links between the living and extinct species must have been inconceivably great”. Since then we now have billions of fossils of         each species represented by cataloged fossils taken from every one the geologic periods. Imagine the tremendous number of intermediary stages we should have in the fossil record if, as evolutionists teach, the species have gradually evolved during the hundreds of millions of years of evolution. We should have millions of these intermediary fossils. How many do we have? Exactly none!

If evolution was true there should be no distinct species but all life forms should be evolving transitional forms as all species would be evolving into other species since evolutionary change is supposedly the basic law of nature.

The very earliest fossil record which, supposedly appear about 600 million years ago, should be in the oldest rocks. These rocks contain so many fossils that the period is called the “Cambrian Explosion”. These creatures are supposedly the first examples of real life.

Here we should find the simplest forms of life that eventually evolved into the more and more complex creatures of today. And lo and behold the animals found there are the same as today! They appear suddenly and fully developed with no trace of evolutionary development from the single cell life forms into complex vertebrates which supposedly developed over 2 billion 400 million years without leaving a single fossil! There are absolutely no traces of intermediate stages.

Not a single intermediary fossil has ever been found and there should be literally millions of them! The various species were fixed from the beginning. The theory of evolution is a desperate attempt to push God out of His own creation in order to avoid accountability to an Almighty God. It is the foolish attempt of fallen mankind to pretend the nonexistence of the very One who gives life meaning and purpose.

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